Re birth of the dip

After my intense summer of training and swimming, I was missing something from the water. I was still enjoying it and it was helping me stabilise and let go of every day life, but there was something not quite right. At times. getting in the water was a chore and I just got on with it because I knew it was good for me.

And then I came across a small group of dippers at Lancing beach and found 7am again. That was the magic and it reignited my passion to be back in the sea.

When I used to dip, if I was only in for a few minutes or only swam a few hundred metres, I would feel quite guilty and disappointed. However that has all changed since meeting this group.

"My understanding of the sea and dipping has been re born".

What is so heart warming is how "normal" these people are. I do not mean that in a derogatory way what so ever. I mean that they are genuine people who love their morning dips, or whenever they can fit them in. They share about life whilst half naked freezing their nuts off. They support each other as they get in and chat about serious adult stuff whilst getting battered by waves and being fed mouthfulls of salt water.

It is a completely different experience to one I have had before. Today we were just past the shore dump talking about interviews and IBS and anxiety and everything in between whilst in a washing machine of waves. And no one seemed to batter an eyelid. Mid sentence their words taken over by a gurgle which was then spat out and conversations continued.

We didn't have instagram worthy conditions or a beautiful sunrise for that matter, but it didn't matter. I left feeling great, having laughed a lot. And it was all natural.


Raising money for Surfwell

Surfwell is an amazing project.  They use surfing and open water to support the mental health of those in the emergency services.

All the money raised through the completion of my challenges is donated to Surfwell