Getting back on poolside

So not only was last week my first full week back IN the pool for ages, tonight was my first session on the SIDE of the pool. I have been coaching sport since I was 16 years old.

I started off as a gymnastic

coach and since then have transferred my passion across a variety of disciplines. Tonight, however, was the first time in a long time I felt nervous,

I suppose people's training is limited and therefore precious so I wanted to ensure it ticked as many boxes as possible. Once I shouted at them to get in because they had already wasted time....I felt fine!! :)

I genuinely care about every single hour I coach. I want each swimmer to get the most out of each session. This is really hard sometimes. But tonight was fab.

I gave them a hard set, mixtures of 200ms with some drills and some fast threshold sets with lots of active recovery. The pace the guys and girls were smashing out was spot on.

Sometimes they say they "hate me". HAHA

But then they are quick in finishing it off with "that was so hard but brilliant" and "thank you". To be thanked as a coach is great. It means they appreciate what you have put them through and they know the benefits.


200m pull

200m with 1st and 5th length doggy paddle

200m pull

200m with 1st and 5th length kick

150m steady

4 x 100m with swimmers starting away from the wall, scull. On GO they sprint

as 50m max effort, 50m recovery

150m steady

4 x 75m away from wall start

as 25m max, 50m recovery

100m steady

4 x 50m away from wall start

as 25m and turn max effort, 25 m recovery

Rest in between enough to allow MAX to be MAX!!

Here's to more

(although who knows with lockdown etc. But #positivevibes )

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Raising money for Surfwell

Surfwell is an amazing project.  They use surfing and open water to support the mental health of those in the emergency services.

All the money raised through the completion of my challenges is donated to Surfwell