Cold water isn't locked down

With us entering a second lockdown I hope you managed to squeeze in a couple of open water dips. I snuck in an non wetsuit, cold water dip at my local spot in Lancing, West Sussex today. So many us rely on open water swimming and dipping as a way to help look after our mental health. For some, we seek a further thrill by immersing ourselves in cold water and have taken to cold water swimming.

Significant rise in open water swimmers - 323%

According to the National Open Water Coaching Association (Nowca), "the number of swimmers in October was up fourfold or 323% year on year, after a 60% rise in swimmers over the summer".

What an amazing statistic that is. People are enjoying what is naturally accessible to them and more and more are sharing their stories.

This increase in participation has been assisted by the influx in published articles, research papers and anecdotes that shout about the benefits of cold water swimming #coldwaterswimming. The activity is made up of 2 strands:

1. Swimming

2. Cold water.

Both have independent benefits to health. The social 'swimming' aspect of cold water swimming plays a huge part in people's involvement, where like minded swimmers gather and share an experience together. SO, just because lockdown has taken this element away, it does not mean you cannot experience the other pertinent benefits from cold water dips and swims - the cold water bits!!

Don't forget, COLD WATER ISN'T LOCKED DOWN. The following list has been pulled together from various articles encompassing

'The Benefits of Cold Water Swimming'

They actually the benefits of cold water immersion - something you can do in the shower

  1. It boosts your immune system

  2. It gives you a natural high

  3. It improves your circulation

  4. It reduces stress

  5. It improves recovery

  6. It helps you sleep better

  7. It improves your metabolism

  8. It can be used as a mindfulness exercise

  9. It reduces inflammation

  10. It improves your self esteem

... and the list goes on.

So, as well as meeting up with your one buddy to exercise outdoors, why not keep up your exposure to cold water and reap the rewards ready for when lockdown is over. But make sure you do it safely. Search the best ways to acclimatise to cold water for you and ensure you consult your GP if you have underlying health conditions.

Facts taken from IPRS Health, Wim Hoff Method, Aspire


Raising money for Surfwell

Surfwell is an amazing project.  They use surfing and open water to support the mental health of those in the emergency services.

All the money raised through the completion of my challenges is donated to Surfwell