6 Open water essentials

Just thought I would share my top 6 open water essentials. with you. I have developed this list over time, learning what I need, mostly when I have forgotten it and realised how essential the item is.

There may be a few that you have not considered and may make your open water experience EVEN BETTER!! Especially as we are entering winter dipping

In no particular order:

1. Ear plugs. I have been an open water baby for over 10 years. I have only just started wearing ear plugs in the last 18 months. Unfortunately it is because my ears are starting to suffer after years of salt and sand abuse. So be proactive and look after your delicate ears now before it is too late. I have tried a few and found these Speedo ones work best for me. But make sure you don't settle until you have found something that is perfect for you.

2. Emergency whistle. I take this with me every time I am in the water. Although you should not swim solo, even with a buddy, you may need to alert a member of the public or your buddy or other swimmer.s These are great because they are pealess so won't seize up.

3. Skirr Skin anti chafing balm. This is fab. Skirr are an environmentally conscious company who have made a great product that works across a variety of sports and the balm is safe for wetsuits. It is easy to apply and doesn't leave your fingers all greasy - something that can be a nightmare when coming to put your goggles on!

4. Flip flops or easy slip on shoes and socks. It is really important to protect your feet from the elements especially as it gets colder. We lose more heat into the floor than we do into the atmosphere so get something under your feet once you have exited the water ASAP.

5. Dry Robe. There are so many towelling products out there now but I have had my dry robe for nearly 7 years. It can pack down small enough to stick in a normal bag, big enough to warm me up but light enough to not take forever to dry.


6. A woolly hat. I have this in my bag all year round. It seems obvious but I have suffered before when I thought the water didn't feel that cold, but once I was out, the after shock then set in. I soon learnt to stick in on anyway before it is too late. It certainly helps.

There are more items I take with me but they can vary depending on swim length, location and conditions. I am sure I will come across a few more essentials to keep in my bag.


Raising money for Surfwell

Surfwell is an amazing project.  They use surfing and open water to support the mental health of those in the emergency services.

All the money raised through the completion of my challenges is donated to Surfwell