aboutsalty banana

​Salty Banana was born during the completion of the Wind Farm Swim in September 2020.  When refuelling with bananas throughout the swim, they often became salty due to the rough sea conditions. 

So the delicacy, salty banana, was created.

But, it is also scientific slang for the term 'action potential'.  An action potential occurs during the transition of electrical impulses down the nervous system. Something required for every movement, in every body




Who I am out of the water:

I am a Personal Safety Trainer for Sussex Police. Basically I teach Police Officers how to protect themselves and how to manage tricky members of the public! Everything from control skills to handcuffing.  I also run a junior netball club and coach triathlon and swimming. I live as close to the beach as I can afford.  My mum is a keen swimmer, my dad a just about a splasher, I have a sister, brother, and two cheeky chappy nephews.  

And that is me. I  am writing this blog to share my experiences of the open water and hopefully encourage other to do the same.

I am not anyone special, I am not a professional in any of this, and I don't have a list of profound quotes. But what I do have, like many of you, is a love for water. The more open the water is, the better.

Who I am in the water:

I found my love for the sea when I started as beach lifeguard in Littlehampton over 10 years ago. I started swimming at a young age and it grew to be a part of me life, as did pretty much every other sport. I wasn't particularly focussed on swimming, in fact as I got older, my hours in the pool were pretty much non existent. But then I slowly fell back in love with the wet stuff.


When I was about 20, I started competing in short open water races, no more than 2km. My sister, who by the way is totally inspirational, was racing longer distances and more frequently.  Years ago we both entered a swim up at Marlow, I entered the shorter one and she did the 5km. I remember it so clearly; I was amazed and so impressed when she completed it. I remember thinking I will never attempt a 5km swim, that's a little too far for me (how unaware I was)

I did push the distance but found more joy in attempting swims with an additional challenge; rough seas, island crossing, obstacles, that sort of thing. As I learnt more about my body and the water, I started to push myself further, but it has been a very long journey.